hey look, china!

xian lamp i kid. I am not in china. But that's where I was a year ago today. It's hard to believe that it's actually been a year. In some ways, I miss the chaos of it, the complete confusion, the "special deals for you", the beautiful sandy desert, the scorpions on sticks (ok, I don't really miss that part, but it was ok to watch), the funny menus. But I don't actually miss it. China was dirty. DIRTY. And what was not beautiful was very bleak.


A year ago today, I was walking on the streets in Xi'an, laughing hysterically at the grocery store girls on headsets trying to sell us oranges (you have never seen *anyone* so excited about oranges), saying no to boys trying to sell me baby chicks (dyed pink and blue, no less!), walking through the warehouses that house the terra cotta warriors, and attending a taing dynasty dinner show (not my idea, but actually kind of interesting - good photo ops!). And this year I am at home, sorting through thread, setting up a new online shop, and getting ready for the first vacation *ever* where I am not going anywhere.

I think it's safe to say I have a bit of a travel bug.

Also, you know how I know I am a design nerd? These are how. I need these. Next weeks show had better go well!