on and on and on

venetian_grand_canal.jpg for whatever reason, I can never stop being busy. I am like a magnet for to-do lists, and well, I suppose it's my own fault for being so agreeable. Agree agree agree. And then I start to stay up until 3 am every night....again.

As it happens, I am back from the onslaught of chitchat that is north americas biggest broadcasting conference (read: a lot of hours giving demos on the tradeshow floor with more than 100,000 attendees). Eek! It was a good trip, but exhausting. And being in Vegas makes it about twice as exhausting. Fantasy land for the sleep-deprived. But you would think that coming back would mean I would slow down. Of course? Yes! Er, no. Who can slow down when ladyfest is a mere two weeks away? I am making so much stuff!


If you get excited about nerd things, here are some photos of the apple booth. High nerdery indeed. During setup they cover everything in black fabric. Hmm... The Apple Booth via the Apple Insider

If you get excited about non-nerd things, here are some cats who need homes.

Some other things:

  • My sewing machine broke. Good timing, knucklehead.
  • We have no kitties.
  • Now that it is warm out maybe my basil will stop dying.
  • Facebook is ultra strange.
  • The full Thomas Keller/Bouchon rundown is coming soon (for those of you who care - don't worry!)
  • I just have to say this is the best storage idea ever. Now all our apartment needs is a staircase.
  • BBQ season is rocking our front porch.
  • We have a new best friend. Her name is Raleigh. She is cuuuuute.
  • Cat buttons - full collection! Coming soon! (Gosh - that is like 65 individual buttons).
  • Also, new stuff!
  • Also also, quilts as presents are coming out my ears. Could you all just take a pause at reproducing or getting married? Just for a few minutes?
  • The photo above? Totally taken inside. I heart the falseness of vegas.

That is all for now. Expect more updates once my vacation starts next weekend.