vegas update, list form.


  1. i am so so so tired.
  2. I upgraded my return flight to first class. Woo!
  3. hobbes got adopted by a nice man who loooooooves him. We are happy. Also, his new name is tigger.
  4. omg vegas. This place is insane.
  5. macarons by Thomas Keller. That is all.
  6. I attempted to understand craps tonight. That pretty much sucked. (*craps makes no sense).
  7. CS3! CS3! Adobe's CS3 Launch Party on monday means free adobe-branded energy drinks for all. Hmm.
  8. I am a pro at monorail schedules and finding the most people-free way from Harrah's to the Venetian.
  9. It is 12:49am and still 13 degrees C. I love vegas.
  10. last night we hit the m&m store. enough said. M&M onesies! (not for me).
  11. See also, Apple booth. GINORMOUS.


Also, Mihow's Schmitty is sick. Send him good thoughts, would ya?