jet plane

travels amazingly, I appear to be packed, and ready. which means that I have screwed up my pre-travel routine by not packing at the very.last.second. I even did laundry! New record. I'm off tomorrow for the sunnier forecasts of Las Vegas, where I will be greeted by warm air, and palm trees and then promptly spend the next five days standing inside the Las Vegas Convention Center wondering what the sun looks like because, gosh, I totally forget. Oh the tradeshow life.

On a lighter note, I will probably see more of vegas this year than I did last year, since I am not running some sort of insane work-trip marathon that ends in me taking a month's holidays at the end of the week. I am surprisingly happy about this (though I wouldn't mind another month's holidays...ever).

And as a total perk, my elite flight status card arrived two days ago. Perfect timing! I hear the Maple Leaf lounge is the place to be for free internet, at the very least. See also, not those annoying grey chairs at the airport gates. Those are awful!


I took Hobbes back this morning, since I'm leaving and all. It was hard. He is a super-sweet kitty, and I really hope that he finds a family who loves him, and has a friend for him. He's high energy, but awesome. On top of being away from home, this week will be that much harder because I miss him always being underfoot and purring like there's no tomorrow.

If all is well, he should be up for adoption tomorrow, lucky boy. I'll be crossing my fingers on the plane that he won't be on the OHS site by the time I make it to my hotel.

Photos soon....there's gotta be *something* good in Vegas to break my photo-taking-block. Anything!

On a las vegas note, this is actually pretty funny. Not only have I seen this machine, I actually purchased a new ipod-to-firewire cable form it last year! When there's no apple store for miles...*and* you're in Las Vegas, go for the cheeze-factor. As an aside, it is located all of three steps for a giant Quarks Bar full of wandering Star Trek lovers. Hellooooo andorians!