• hey - i'm going to las vegas (again) in three weeks. anything special I should see there? Last year's trip was pretty uneventful, but this time, I'm staying on the strip, I've got invites to the parties (at least a ahandful of them), and I am NOT going on vacation the day after I get back. This makes me slightly more optimistic.
  • Since we have a new kitty, I've been watching the news about the pet food recall pretty carefully. Some thoughts:
    • WTF - rat poison?
    • There's hardly any wet food on the shelves these days.
    • The question no one has answered yet: When will our pets have safe food again? While I understand we can't and wouldn't feed them the recalled food, what DO we feed them if this is what they ate?

    So, in light of these questions, Hobbes now eats natural foods, like this brand. He is especially fond of the "Turducken" flavour and the "California Roll" flavour. The ingredients list reads like a human recipe, almost: sweet potato, snow peas, crab, cucumber, rice, etc. Maybe it's a bad idea (considering he'll have to go back and eat Iams food at the shelter anyway), but he loooooooooooves this stuff. The Iams stuff we could barely get him to wrinkle his nose at, and that was before the natural food was an option. Do we spoil our cats? YES.

  • Our bikes came out today! And as a result, so did some of my bike seat covers before they get to make their way off to other fun places. My camera has been in hibernation for too long.

I am busy, my updates come in bullet points, but it's something, isn't it?