pins and needles

pins Tonight, in a fit of my oh-so-usual procrastination from more important things I probably should have been doing, I cleaned up some bits of my studio that have, er, shall we say, been...lacking.

My thread drawer? One big ball of thread. NO MORE! Nice little containers from the dollar-shop make all of the jumbles go away, and also let me organize in my own little freakish system: things that cut (rotary cutters aplenty, pinking shears, good scissors, exacto knives - how did I end up with five of these?), things that bind (thread, more thread, embroidery floss), and pretty (buttons, badges, and other odds and ends). It's great.

Also (see above) my pins container. How many bent pins did I have from accidentally quilting over them? Too many.

Also, I have a lot of thread. Evidence: thread