lucy-goose: not a goose at all

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Lucy goes back to the OHS this morning. I’m so not ready to let her go - but of course, I’m not sure whether I’m ready to keep her, either. We love her to bits, but somewhere deep inside me I know she’s probably better off with a family that has more to give her - and wants a “forever friend”. And it’s not that we don’t - there’s just so many unknowns with us that I would hate to have come around and bite us later. Like allergies. So they haven’t kicked in yet….but WHAT if they do? I couldn’t commit to loving her forever only to end up trying to find her a new family because half of our house can’t breathe - it’s so not fair to her. And what sort of message would that send to her? “Ok, we loved you, now see-ya!”. It’s hard enough to do that right now even though we’ve been preparing to part with her for ages.

It’s better this way, I suppose - we let her go early (if you can call living with us for four months early) and she can lead a fantastic life with a fantastic family. She is really a dreamy cat - sweet and friendly and loving, and god, she even loves brie! THIS CAT WAS MADE FOR US. But she is going back, and today, she gets spayed (ugh, more surgery, poor thing). They took out the lump in her neck weeks and weeks ago, and it was (as we thought), nothing. That was such a huge relief.

And now, despite her date with surgeons, she is well. Her neck scar is grown over with fur, she is healthy and loved and happy, and seriously, one of the best, if not the very best cat we ever had. I can only hope that the people who take her home get in touch and let us know that she is happy, and loved. She even comes with a packet full of photos of the last four months - new cat owner heaven!

If you’re in the market for a fantastic kitten (and you’ve managed to make it through my cat-ramble above), Lucy is beautiful and fun, and sweet, and well, everything you could want in a kitty (unless you like them to be anything but those four things). She’ll be up for adoption later this week (shelter number coming soon!) today! and you can read her profile here.

See her on the OHS website here.

Update - she got adopted!