old man winter

It's snowy here - and frosty - and cold. And we are loving it (except for our radiator-driven apartment, which was perfectly content with those crazy 0-degree days).

We were out for our first cross-country ski of the season yesterday. Beginner skiers be warned - don't take the trail at P7 in Gatineau park. Unless you *prefer* to initiate yourself on a 1km-uphill slope (and then have nightmares about how you haven't really figured out the snowplow yet for the 1km trip down). Because that's what I did.

But to make up for my wussyness (and the spectacular wipeout I had yesterday afternoon) we went skiing at Mooney's Bay tonight. 5K of blissful not-so-uphill glides and only one hill where I swore I was going to end up cosying up to a tree. Not the hardest workout I've ever done, but it went a long way towards helping get my ski legs back from last season's solitary trip. I can't believe that I've never learned to ski before now. I am a chicken.

This weekend we also discovered that Lucy likes Corona (boxes). Smart kitty!