this is where sandwiches go to die

courtesy of brett, january 1st, brunch at the mayflower.

things to celebrate:

  • my camera obscura tickets arrived!
  • people bought me left-handed things for my birthday. (pinking shears!)
  • feeling creative about work again...this must mean I'm not busy enough yet
  • x-country ski drought? Officially over!
  • Also? I love that the NCC has an ice-o-meter on it's site. Poor sad not yet ready to skate on canal.

things to bemoan

  • Lucy's lump.
  • The people who park in my spot and then get all snitty when *I* block them in because there is nowhere else to park. (seriously??)
  • Bye bye colour cue 2. You were (potentially) fun while you lasted!
  • cold apartments!