so anyway

right, so lucy is staying with us for a little while longer instead of being loved to death by a new kitty siblings and parents. what was supposed to be a not-a-big-deal lump on her neck is in fact, an annoying lump we need to "monitor" which means that lucy gets to live in the land of thinking it is okay to go on the table to get *my* pancakes (it is so not okay) instead of the land where she may very well get chased around by monkey because the laws of nature suggest that the big cat gets to torture the little cat first. at least for a little while. it's good in some ways - we are always happy to have her here, but MY GOD is she ever getting big. She can practically wear my shoes now she is that big, and she has a particular penchant for the pink eleanor fuzzy cat flats (smart girl). In other news, I have finally rummaged through all of the junk in my studio and I'm cleaning up. So much so that I am going to sell off my bags of scraps. I have 5 (5!) grocery bags full to the brim of japanese scraps, vintage, vinyl, wool felt, batting and other odds and ends (buttons, badges, embroidery floss, ribbon scraps, etc.). If you're into small projects, these are definitely for you. Some scraps are as small as 1" X 1" and others are as big as a fat quarter (and if you're lucky, sometimes more). I love all of my fabrics to bits, but seriously, this place needs a "spring" cleaning. If you want a bag of free scraps, and you're willing to pay for shipping, send me an email or leave me a comment. :)

some other things: why have I never noticed this store or this store before? are these necklaces not ultra-cute? did anyone else do a collective omg when they realized there WAS going to be an apple phone? Because phone. It's soooo pretty. And, uhm, not a blackberry! These new embroidery patterns are on my list of must-haves. Especially that carson ellis bicycle. And on the subject of bicycles, shop update!