so this is the new year

looking back over the year that was, I'm almost astounded at how much got crammed into a mere 365 days. I started out 2006 thinking that it would be a quiet year, that not much was going to happen, and instead, I had a year full of beautiful, delicious chaos. while I know many people are looking forward on days like today, I'm much more inclined to look backwards at the year that was:

I fostered almost twenty little kitties, found new homes for five of them, moved in to what we like to call a "grown-up" apartment, and even bought furniture that didn't come from Ikea! I've walked up sand dunes in the gobi desert, watched the lights come on in Hong Kong harbour, said "Hello" to the english-practicing guards of Tiananmen Square, hiked along the Great Wall, gambled in Las Vegas (a single $1 slot does count, doesn't it?), eaten fresh stroopwaffels in Amsterdam, learned the art of bargaining, walked the stars on Hollywood Blvd., and spent time in at least twelve different airports. Having had the time to make the comparisons, I would suggest always making your connecting flights go through hong kong or amsterdam's schipol. Pearson's got nothing!

On the work front, it's been an insanely busy year. I've walked miles and miles of convention center floors, and spent far too much time asking if people have "time for a quick demo?". But it's been amazing and eye-opening and the best thing I've learned? Never underestimate just how many people are there only for the free stuff.

Crafting has been insane, and marvelous, and this has been *my* year for productivity. I've done three big shows, delivered countless direct orders and tackled a huge amount of custom projects. I've been featured in a magazine with one of my tutorials (bike seats - yay!), and I'm finally working on designing my own line of quilts and a couple of cute little fabrics to go along with 'em. Hopefully 2007 leaves me lots of room for creativity.

Happy new year, lovelies! I hope 2007 brings you fun and creativity and happy things.