hey, remember me?

some days I forget that I should probably update this website. oops! the holidays, redux:

1. crazy crazy last-minute-ordering customers makes for a crazy me who doesn't get all of her christmas presents wrapped until christmas *morning*. Um...shop closure next year, anyone?

2. i got this for christmas. I'm pretty sure that makes me a colour nerd.

3. linus got adopted. he's living happily with his new family (conveniently, my family) and is terrorizing pica and finding new ways to eat the christmas tree on a daily basis.

4. lucy is lonesome as can be. she takes naps on your face to ensure that you don't go too far away, and when she's not napping, she's trying to plot her escape to "that place linus went" - otherwise known as the hallway.

5. we have spent the last three days reading, sleeping in late, watching alternating episodes of the twilight zone and star trek time travels, and playing poker on our re-gifted xBox. I *love* having an office that shuts down for the holidays...it's a great license to do nothing.

More later on a bunch of year end stuff. Happy Holidays!