a short story about a craft show and why i haven’t given the internet any love this week

i'd make some sort of excuse for not posting here, except that would probably make me more tired. And the last thing you people want is a more tired me. Wait, I think I mean I instead of you people, but whatever. I apologize for the delay in transmission of oh, everything that has happened in the last couple of days and weeks, but seriously? I have had a case of the sick. And by "the sick", I mean I think Lana was scared to talk to me in the grocery store I looked that close to risen from the dead. And that was only on Tuesday. OH wait...maybe that was Wednesday. You see, people? I can't even keep track of the days any more.

Last month was brutal. I did this thing, this crazy to-do-list marathon, that in hindsight, was stupid. I tried to make a qulit in THREE WEEKS (stupid thing I did #1), went to Los Angeles so I could talk to work-related people for too many days in a row (stupid thing #2), happened to stay in downtown LA (this is incidental, but seriously, don't stay there. Even the pubs close at 10!), tried to hold down my day job, raise two mischievous kitties (omg the litter, it is everywhere), oh AND BE A VENDOR AT THE HOLIDAY LADYFEST. This was chief stupid in my list of stupid mistakes. Who has time for this insanity? SANE people, that is who. And I am obviously not sane.

And because it was the biggest of the stupids, it's also fitting that it happened to be the best. Ladyfest was amazingly awesome. I can't even begin to describe how funny it was to have, at 1pm (four hours before the sale is supposed to end, and only three hours after it began), 7 things to sell and a handful of buttons on my table. Especially when I went with bags and bags of stuff. Armloads of bike seat covers, guitar straps, scarves, pillows, kitty buttons, etc., etc. And then? I had nothing. People would stop by and be all "um, do you have these in any *other* colours?" referring to the guitar straps that I now only had in red, red, and slightly not red instead of the morning's rainbow selection. The only bike seat covers that were left were on hold for swaps or specific crafters who asked me to hold them until show-end. Scarves? Gone! Pillows? Accounted for! And then I got bored. I spend four hours selling kitty buttons at 50cents a pop because I had nothing else left to sell.

In short, it was the best sale I've ever had. If you came out, said hi, brought me cappuccino (who is awesome? She is!), or took home some of my wares, thanks! You made my saturday.

But, after Saturday, my body quit. I have spent the last 5 days, give-or-take, in bed, wishing I was in bed, or trying to pretend as if I didn't feel like I was going to die in the next half-an-hour. I still can't talk without croaking, my office seems to like me better if I keep my door closed, and I have a kleenex box surgically attached to my arm. But it's almost gone (the sick, not the kleenex), and it's on to christmas. Christmas!

I will stop rambling now...until next time. :)