crafty craft-off

some of you might remember that *last* year I did this thing - this little appearance in Venus magazine.

This year I noticed that they were running the contest again, so I thought "ha! wouldn't it be funny if I won again?". Except I did win, and instead of funny it was more like "omg - are you serious? I can't believe I won this thing two years in a row!".

This year I submitted my tutorial on how to make bike seat rain covers (tutorial link to appear soon!). And they loved it. I love it too - and they sell. The twenty of them I took to ladyfest yesterday have found themselves new bikes to call home. And just in time for the seriously crappy weather. Nothing says I love my bike than a replacement for your not-so-classic-looking Hartmans bag!

So, if you're in your local magazine shop, check out a copy of the December issue of Venus - there are lots of great ideas, and Cat Power is on the cover, too!