All I could think at first was "It's too small! I can't use it! Who could use something that small? I will *wash* it.". And then I used it. I wasn't going to - at least not for a while. But my brick-like yet still lovely ipod was dead, and I just wasn't willing to wait. I was going out. NOW.

And it clips! And it's little! And it doesn't weigh a hundred pounds like some *other* ipods I know (*ahem*).

Anyhow, on to other things. This weekend I cooked and baked and crafted, and in between I saw elliot brood, and packed for LA (it is hard to pack for warm when it is actually cold - HARD!). I also made the unfortunate mistake of trying out Hooley's (which replaced Bravo Bravo) on Elgin Street. I can sum the dining experience in essentially three words: only.for.drinks. Drinks are safe.

Lucy and Linus have been growing like weeds, and figuring out how to meow non-stop. Despite the meowing, and the cat-food-faces (see Lucy), they're great! And we'll be getting another new addition on Tuesday (their brother or sister....I'm not sure which yet). This will make for interesting times...

I'm spending my day on a plane tomorrow - hope your Monday is more fun!