winter just isn’t my season

it's fall. it's almost winter. there's no denying it - there has been a little bit of snow, and lots of rain, and today begins the season of rotting pumpkins and candy cavities and the chill. Which means, of course, that I am going to spend the next six months hibernating and making soup.

Spring and fall have always been my favourite seasons, but november and I? Well, we have always been a little bit on the outs. I can like it when I have to - say...maybe in the middle of the day... - but I'm not going to *choose* to like it. That's an important distinction.

Strangely, I seem to settle down in the winter, into a calm yet hectic pace of things - a means of coping with the cold perhaps. I take on more projects (can you say three quilts before christmas, a craft show and a business trip? Me TOO!). The crafting is going to kill me.

Speaking of upcoming stuff - I'm headed to LA in a week or so, and I am just itching to check out Little Tokyo (Ottawa's little tokyo consists of one shop that sells sushi supplies and the occasional craft book). Anybody else have any recommendations? I'm there for work, so my free time is, as always, limited. But that said, show days are short and the week is long...