first of all, it's my dad's birthday today. happy birthday dad! he *hates* fuss so here is where I'm not going to tell some sort of sappy story about how much I love my dad lest he get the idea that people are reading it. on. the. internet. That is serious business.

The other exciting thing I managed to squeeze in tonight was a good long look at the new (and premiere) issue of craft: (from the lovely people who make "Make") - it's great! I haven't given it a thorough read yet, more of a skim punctuated by a few "ooh!"'s, but hopefully there'll be more time for heavy craft reading this weekend.

After birthday celebrations it was time for work - I have some serious crafting to do. I've been procrastinating for weeks! First up is a quilt I have been working on for-ever that is way overdue.

It's the first quilt I've been slightly freaked about in a long time, in part, because it's my own design (and I have no idea what it'll look like when it's actually laid out in real life instead of an illustration on my computer), and in part because it's applique, and mostly because it's for someone who I *really* want to like it.

Tonight was cut out all of the applique pieces night. That was tedious. But interesting. I'm used to working with predictable shapes - squares, rectangles, triangles - but this required me to work with odd stuff - birds, flowers, and branches - that I'm just not sure about yet. We shall see....