odds, sods and pockets

hello friends! we had a racoon living on our back porch this weekend. Yeah, that was awesome. I almost had to armwrestle him for my herbs (which were very promptly brought inside come daylight). Boo raccoons. As a side note: dear second and third floor neighbours: did you know how cool it is to keep garbage and recyclables on your porch? About 40 lbs of raccoon. That's how cool. xo, your neighbour.

my raccoon exchange went something like this:

me: ok - going to get my basil so it doesn't freeze. unlock door. go onto porch. walk to basil. realize there is about 40 pounds of raccoon staring at me from behind one of our deck chairs. raccoon: bllink. blink. movement. me: aaah! bye!

this is the raccoon trying to look all tiny while in fact he was huuuuge (but is it bad to also note that he was cute as a button?):

on friday night we went to see the Akron Family and Born Ruffians at the First Baptist Church. It was about 5 kinds of amazing - and I'm looking forward to the next show the church hosts. Amaaaaazing acoustics.

Saturday was herb-bringing-in day. The basil came in (I so hope it doesn't die on me!) and the coriander, lemon basil and english mint all got chopped. The catnip plant is very popular with Charlie, who gets adopted tomorrow. Maybe I will make him a little bit of a catnip care package to take home with him. We are *sooooo* going to miss this kitty.

inspired by the lovely shim and sons to do something with my patchy scraps, I made myself a wall-organizer this weekend for my studio. With loads of scraps always sitting around in bags and baskets looking decidedly unpretty, it was nice to get out some of my favourites for this - who says I can't keep the stuff in my stash for myself?

In other crafty news, this is the time of year when crafters are cornered by too many contests! To name a few:

  • Inhabit's pillow design contest is almost over - enter soon to win pillow fame!
  • VenusZine is working on it's 4th Annual HOTT list. Are your favourite crafters/rockers/films on there? Vote & nominate your favourite folks in craft, music, film and other fun categories for the December issue of the magazine. They will love you for it. (Deadline is October 15th....act fast!)
  • Rag & Bone is looking for hip new designers for their paper goods line (journals, albums and other stuff that's nice). Learn more on the rag and bone blog.

PS - Happy Thanksgiving!