I'm madly working trying to get some leftover items (and new stuff like those bike seat covers) up into my online shop - this is the first of a few "new stuff" posts.

On a lark (disclosure: suggestion from brett), I made buttons for the last ladyfest show in june. Kitty buttons. Buttons full of Neko and Maki and Ted and Kit and (for kicks...) Orville and Felix and Winston and Matilda and Alice and the whole gang. They were meant to be a token item - a filler of space, and agood laugh for a friend of ours who had just adopted Neko and Maki. Except, change of plans, they sold. As in they.sold.out. I was astonished.

So I did what any smart lady-fester would do, and this time around I made more. And they sold again. People came by my table just to buy the *entire* collection of cat buttons. They would pore over the table, making sure not to miss a single cat, and hand me their treasure trove of buttons to inspect because "I would know if they missed any".

So now, since they seem to sell locally, I'm selling them here. And instead of the proceeds lining my pockets, they'll go to line kitty cat cages, and to other good purposes. All proceeds from the sale of these buttons will go (at the end of the year) as a donation to the Ottawa Humane Society.

Take a look (there are more photos) or pick up your 3-pack today (and yes, you can request specific kitties if you so desire).