ladyfest, redux

stay up late. craft craft craft. drink wine. craft some more. kick charlie out of office for trying to eat a cat button with his face on it. fall asleep on sewing machine. wake up and stumble to bed. wake up early. pack pack pack. go get coffee. head to u of o. get lost finding bar where show is. find bar. find table. sell sell sell. get slightly bored. sell some more. go home. nap. make more buttons. do it all again on sunday. eat chocolate cake for breakfast. sell sell sell. go home. collapse in big craft-addled heap. count money (money!). unpack leftover stock. price. tag. record what remains. snooooze.

all in all it was a good, albeit long, crafty weekend. if you've made your way here via my super-awesome MOO cards (which arrived on thursday and were picked up by so many people that I only have four left) - welcome!

some things I am loving lately:

  • The bike seat covers I've been making (see above)! Stylish raincoats for bikes - better than a grocery bag? Yes! Better than a wet seat? You betcha. Surprisingly, other people liked them too - I'm all sold out!
  • These adorable cell phone sleeves from handyhuellen.
  • I am coveting these wrist warmers - my office is very cold!
  • Giant yellow sitcky notes
  • Emily Haines new album.
  • Cute badges from prickie
  • Redecorating my studio.
  • Getting back to fabric design - again. Crafts are a good exercise in procrastinating about the big stuff you need to get done!