Day one of a new week and already my brain is awash in ladyfest and crafts, and studio reorganization, and work, and longing for a holiday. I need more wine.

This afternoon I noticed that it was almost dark at 3:30. Did anyone else? It was terrible! Since when did daylight stop skimming along until about 8:00 or so? Did I miss it? I feel gypped out of my summer, but I'm not sure why. It just wasn't long enough this year. Where are my long leisurely weekends in montreal? The hikes in the gatineaus? The long afternoons lazing in the park with a sketchbook and some fresh fruit and a bicycle? The beaches?!!? (Oh wait, we have no real beaches here....skip that last one).

With the cold weather setting in, I am feeling a little desperate to bake things. Pretty things, tasty things, pies, and other goodies. But I must resist, otherwise winter will be known as the season where I got *fat*. And that's the last thing anyone wants. I mean, I love pie, but really - it can only go so far before I turn into one. Plus our landlord hasn't turned on the heat yet. The pie is strictly a self-preservation movement at this point. Gotta stay warm! It's once the heat turns on that it's dangerous.

Speaking of getting fat, I am forcing myself to take a season off from soccer. It's painful (figuratively) to not play, but painful (literally) to play. Too many injuries. Did I tell you I sprained my ankle just before we went to china and then I walked, oh, I don't know, a billion stairs in Hong Kong? (Scott was not kidding when he laughed at my hong kong footwear). A hillier, full-of-stairs-and-ankle-pain city I have never seen. Back to my original point, though - I am going back to the gym. Since I'm not playing soccer, I've got to do something. I've also got to get to physio. My ankle is rebelling, so much so that when I get out of bed in the morning, I might *actually* fall over. It's the stand-up crapshoot. Exciting times.

Charlie has a home! (I think!). In honour of that we're calling him Max now. It's just easier that way because his new mum picked Max. Conveniently he has a little M-print in his fur, just above his eyes. I like to think it was on purpose. He is also a bit of a terror. SOOOOOOOO hyper. Then he mega-crashes in a little ball of kitten fluff on the floor. He also thinks it's funny to stalk the shower. While people are in it. Classy, Charlie/Max, classy. In a strange twist of fate, he seems to looooooove me, and only "oh, that cool lady is not around" love brett. This is most unusual.

What else is going on....hmm....oh yes! I am a little bit in love with bill monk - this great site that lets you track debts between roommates and other people, like phone bills and rent and, er, dinners with friends? I'm not sure about the dinners with friends part - as in "send an email to the friend who hasn't paid you back for that dinner yet". It's a nice idea, but sort of awkward, yes? Thoughts on this? Though I know a few people I would *love* to use it for, I still think it would be rude. Unless you live with me. Then, ahem, hydro bill! (I kid! Stop scowling!). Anyhow, it beats the heck out of Excel spreadsheets.

Ok, enough rambling. This post brought to you entirely by procrastination, anti-craft, and not-quite-ready-for-ladyfestness.