home sweet home

after 9 hours of flying and what felt like one hundred hours of waiting, I am home sweet home. Back in my studio, my kitchen, my bed, my life with the people I love most.

Travelling for work, though always a little bit fascinating, is awful and tedious and tired. While some can wax on at length about the beauty of new cities (and I can see this perspective), what they sometimes fail to see is the no-time, no-patience, no-energy you're left with at the end of a long (and sometimes longer than long) work day.

I will gladly spend the next few weeks *not* talking about price-points, and RAM requirements, and offering up a "would you like to see a demo?" because you can really only talk about any of these things non-stop for five days without having a bit of a breakdown.

but despite the crazy work and the show that was one day too long, and the long flights, and the trying to answer emails in my room between show duty and dinner and socializing and omg, the overcrowded 8:42 tram #4, Amsterdam was hands down one of the nicest cities I'd love to see again. And I know some people would disagree, but I think it's like having centretown times 1000 + bikes (!) and H&M (!) and way better coffee.

And now all I've got to do is look forward to doing it all again next year. :)

In the meantime, I'm going to be happy to settle for my (if only slightly) overgrowing porch. Hello basil!