red light

my trip here is half over. which is good, I think. While I love amsterdam I'm eager to get home and see my own things and sleep in my own bed, and see my favourite people. And I would also like some freshly laundered clean clothes while we're at it. Thursday is laundry day. Yes!

The one thing that I've struggled with here that is really astounding is my inability to figure out directions. My sense of direction is usually impeccable - I hardly ever get lost, and I always have a gut feeling about which direction is the right one to head in. But sadly, the owerwheliming amount of canals and straats and grachts and alleyways here have rendered me almost completely directionless. I am continuously trying to evaluate where I am and how I can get back.

Other than getting kinda sorta lost I've been busy working and trying to sightsee - visiting the dam square, going to the fabric market tomorrow, buying fresh stroopwaffels at the Albert Cuyp market this afternoon, going to the massive park behind the RAI. Tonight I had frites with sauce for dinner (I made up for it by having sushi last night), walked around some of the canals, up to the dam square (I'm staying near Rembrandtsplein) on to central station and through the red light district home). Tomorrow I'm hitting a mac store, the Van Gogh museum, and the fabric market. All before 1:00 (when I'm scheduled to work)! We'll see how that plan goes....