amsterdam bound.

let me just start by saying that I *looooove* long weekends.

I came home early from Montreal so I could chill out and beat a cold I've been fighting off. But not before catching a terrible K-OS set (who could have imagined!), some brazilian girls, we are wolves and numerous other bands at Osheaga. and the most amazing breakfast ever at beautys. By all accounts the Flaming Lips on Sunday was also incredible. I skipped it in favour of grilled cheese in brett's new panini maker (who says kitchen appliances don't make great birthday presents?) and pyjamas, along with a hefty dose of Battlestar Galactica (who knew I would get addicted?) and sleeping in on a monday.

Today was all about packing and pretending like I am not going to miss (1) brett, (2) kittens and (3) waking up in the cool autumn air with the apartment windows wide open for the next 8 days.

Tomorrow is all about what I already forgot to pack (not these robot buttons - they are already on my carry on!), trying to figure out where I can conveniently get a bunch of adapters and converters for the netherlands without having to leave downtown, and trying to figure out why my seat selection says "First Class" when my ticket says "Economy"! Oh travel.

If you have amsterdam tips, shops, things to do, or things to avoid, leave 'em in the comments.