things I am reading

I've been reading a lot lately. I tend to go through phases with books - there has to be just enough time to laze about turning pages for me to really get into it, otherwise I get too stressed about having enough time to finish it up. Welcome to my time-planning-compulsion.

The four books above are the ones I've been whipping through these past few weeks. Amsterdam is kind of self-explanatory. I didn't go all out and get a "tourist guide" because, well, I have access to the internet, and secondly, I'm there for work. Which will likely consume about 1000% of my time. But it makes good page-flipping fodder, and I get to think about what I *might* do, if I had the chance. I'd like to get out and at least do something, like the Van Gogh Museum, and take a zillion photos. Luckily, we're staying near the flowermarket area, and we'll have to tram everyday to get to the conference center. Travel time - picture time!

The second is Party Of One: The Loners Manifesto, a novel by Anneli Rufus on why society makes it tough to be an introvert, but all the same, being an introvert is ok. I was inspired to pick it up after I read her farewell chronicles - an amazing book on how people really cope with death, and why it shouldn't be such a taboo subject.

The other two I haven't been able to get into yet...perhaps they'll be reborn as plane fodder if we're still allowed to bring books onboard....

And on that note, a funny link about air travel.