non-stop busy

I feel like I've been out of touch lately. With everything. It's been reaaaaallllllllly busy.

Here's why:

  • In two weeks, I head to Amsterdam (woo, Amsterdam!) for my day job.
  • Iris is sick. Handfeeding her every three hours (even in the middle of the night) is no small feat.
  • Olive is NOT SICK. Keeping her from pouncing on her sick sister is like asking rainclouds to maybe hold it a little bit longer, thankyouverymuch.
  • I am working on my very own (smallprint) line of fabrics - for sale, and for my own personal use. The lack of crafty here will be made up for, I promise. Especially since I've also got two quilts in progress. Oh the crafting.
  • There is just NO time for taking photos. And blogging. Or a combination of the two.
  • I like sleeping. And long afternoon naps.

More blogging soon, I promise!