the shanghai buttons up the duck

inspired in part by a conversation about food, and then china, and then food in china, I've posted photos (finally!) of a menu we picked up in beijing as a souvenir, the night before we headed home. you can check them out in my China Menu flickr set.

we first came across this place in one of our "is there anywhere that looks safe but not "western" for dinner?" long walks down wanfujing. The truth, of course, is that there's always somewhere safe (and often great!) if you're brave enough to tackle the not-necessarily-english menu.

This place advertised an 'english menu' and was packed to the brim with locals, so we figured it would be a safe bet. And it was. The food we managed to order was yummy, and well, the laughs were worth every penny.

When we first arrived, there was no room to be seated up front with the rest of the patrons, so they shuffled brett and I into a back banquet room, where we were face-to-face with about 16 chairs, a huuuuuge table, and two of the funniest menus I'd ever seen.

Once we opened them up and started reading, we (or at least I - brett is slightly more composed than I am) couldn't stop laughing. I laughed so hard I cried. In part, it was because we were pretty much ready to go home, because we were in beijing and it was soooo nice to see english words again, even though they were very very wrong, and well, the menu was just funny.

We managed to order though, and we made it through a full meal without any more fits of laughter. But we *wanted* the menu to take home. It's just so...representative...of a good portion of our trip. So we went back, and we bought it. Bargained for it, even. And it *still* cost us $45 CDN, which is about three or four times what dinner would cost there on a special occasion. But it was worth it.

Thanks to lex and andrea for prompting me to actually put this stuff up!