hands full

welcome home, internet! in the absence of the internet this week we've had to learn a few things all over again, like how to use a phone book, that the world existed before googlemaps, and that Rogers will totally let you down all the time every time until you ask for a *supervisor*. Lessons learned! Extra lesson? Before you move write down the number of your internet provider *somewhere*. Otherwise, when you are lacking internet access you'll be hard pressed to find the number ot call to fix it. Thank god for work.

Also, we have kittens! At first there were six and then we realized how ridiculously stupid that was because one of us couldn't breathe and our apartment looked like some sort of pet store war zone. Now we have three. Never try to narrow down your absolutely adorable group of six orange cats *after* you already have them. It's impossible. It all went down something like this:

me: ok kitties! I am going to put you all in the middle of the floor. kitties: guh. me: ok! please make two piles of three kitties each! kitties: playing with toys. running around in packs of two and four. hiding under moving boxes.

no piles of three kitties are made.

me: sad.

but now we have Iris, Olive and Ducky. And they are awesome.

p.s. wolf parade rocked!