feelin’ hot hot hot

Internets! I have missed you! We don't have internet at home yet, due in part to a faulty cable and a technician dude who thought it would be totally ok to RIP the cable off of the freshly painted heritage mouldings - a move which made me promptly contemplate throwing him off one of our third floor balconies. I reconsidered only because he was the only chance i had to get the internet back at the moment, and well, who throws that away lightly? Then he took the window screen out, didn't find what he wanted and had a bit of a hissyfit and left, leaving me to figure out how to put my screen back in again. I hate cranky service people. HATE them. I hope that guy's internet access doesn't work for days on end and he gets a cranky technician who comes to pretend to save him from real life.

I can't believe how crazy hot it is here today. Thank GOD our new apartment came with A/C. We are going to be needing it tonight. That and a whole lotta popsicles.

Even in the heat though, I am itching to get crafty. So many projects! So much new studio space! There will be more soon. And more china. I have totally slacked off in favour of packing and unpacking boxes and cursing my old tiny dark apartment. There is no going back, now. I love it!