some links

hey! it's been a long long time since I posted any links. so...happy friday!

  • The Ottawa Humane Society is *overflowing* with cats. If you were thinking of adopting a pet, now would be a good time. Is one of these guys your future friend?
  • Andrea posted a link to this article about the destruction of Qianmen in Beijing. I walked in those streets pretty recently and it's sad. Everything is in ruins (except for the super excellent mock-meat restaurant we ate at). It's very sad.
  • This Secret Shopper's Report on the US Senate has allowed me to laugh out loud on a really hot busy friday.
  • The Veer Summer Activity Book is back! This has got to be my very favourite 'sit-on-porch-and-drink-fancy-drinks' activity (other than drinking the fancy drinks). Design geeks unite!
  • This video tour of cern is pretty awesome too