twenty-three sparklers

If there's one thing you'll ever learn about my baby sister, it's that she's good at coveting. She *wants* things, and she wants them, well, pretty much now. And if she doesn't get them now, she's going to talk about them until she does get them, or at least call "dibs!" before anyone else has the chance to.

In my living room, I have a coffee table that was passed down from my parents. It's been around our family since I was very tiny - perhaps even before I was born, so it's something that ryn and I both grew up with. For a hefty portion of our lives it sat in our family room - we spent a lot of quality time with that table. And our TV. But who didn't in the 80s?

Carved into the corner of the table are four letters: E. R. I. N. You can see them in the photo above. They must have been carved when she was pretty young - the lettering is off and wavy, almost like what you would expect from someone who was only. At one point in her life Ryn *wanted* this table.

Though I often think I would like a nicer table, something newer and more modern, there's a sentimental part of me that forces me to hang on to this, if only because ryn called dibs on it a decade or two ago. Which means, you know, that she's probably still coveting the thing.

Sometimes spite and sisterly love are one and the same.

Happy birthday, coveter. You still can't have the table. :P