flat files and studio space

good news! we found a super apartment (yes, I am moving *again*, and *no* I don't want to talk about how much time I have been spending with cardboard boxes) and it comes (...drum roll please...) with enough room for me to have a studio again! whee! (and by studio I mean not a studio/living room/boyfriend's office/dining room/kitten playground but an actual room with an actual door that belongs to me that I can fill with fabric and other stuff)

my brain is reeling - full of ideas for things I'm going to do with my newfound space, but mostly, my poor little head is chugging along on one problem....this one:

I am in search of flat files that look something like these ones, and these ones, and these ones, and especially these ones (if I could I would take that whole studio home with me). Pretty and functional and made of wood is the name of the game. No tacky (and noisy!) steel, but I might be persuades if it's black and reallllly pretty. I'm planning to use these for the storage of my rather unweildy collection of notions, buttons, thread, quilting rulers, zippers, pins, pattern pieces and other miscellaneous sewing junk that is just impossible to store in containers (only because my studio would be full.of.them). I'd also like to be able to use the top as a bit of a cutting surface covered with healing mats.

Does anyone know where to get new and/or used flat files around town (or on the internet for a decent price with shipping to Canada)?