seeing red

cherries Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day around here was a slightly low key day (read: *some of us* were a a smidge hungover this morning) where we mostly just hung with kitties. After a long breakfast at the pump....where we got to see England get smoked (aaaack!) by Portugal in the "penalties" with our favourite server who *always* forgets to bring us some of our order - it's a ritual - we wandered back home to watch the France vs. Brazil game (another upset!)...and we don't even have a tv! I love the power of the internet.

We've been catching up on lord of the rings and I've been spending the day alternating between napping and drooling over furniture I totally cannot afford for our new apartment. But there is pleasure to be had in just looking, yes?

I was going to try to catch the Stars show tonight, and the party at SAW (seripop posters - woot! I need a partner for my Wolf Parade poster), but decided to stay lazy instead. The beauty of long weekends.

Now it's late, but I'm addicted to watching the rainstorm. There's incredible blue lightning strikes nearby and the thunder claps make the whole floor shake. It's all quite marvelous to watch, especially with the weather being so deliciously cool today. Dreamy!

No one else but margaret is ready for bed.