cherry picker

I've always loved this time of year. Don't get me wrong - fall and spring will (hands down) always be my favourite seasons, but there's something about the onset of summer, that period of time where it's warm during the day but delightfully cool in the evening, warm enough to let you roam the streets in just a t-shirt and a skirt, feet outfitted in flip flops, handbag dangling along, shooting photos as you wander, yet cool enough to merit that second-thought, that "should-i-bring-a-sweater-ish-ness" that comes with the change of seasons.

It's marvelous to fall asleep without having to wonder if it will *ever* get cooler. To not have to contemplate air conditioning. To be able to sit on the porch with your laptop and type into the early morning without melting (or turning into an ice-pop).

It's funny to see how our kitties react to heat. I mean, for all of their "I am so grown up at five-weeks-old" ness, they really have no idea. They've never experienced anything like it. They get easily scared of weather - of rain, of thunder and lightning, and heat, well that just plum tuckers them out and makes them lay face down in the hallway, barely moving an inch.

Which is why Margaret is happy to see us bring out the cold people food. She knows that people food is not for kitties, but she couldn't resist the poking-up stems of these cherries. Neither could we.