It rained today for what seemed like the first time in ages. The crispness of the air as I wandered around running some errands and the colour of the sun setting against the clear clouds on the skyline was pictureseque. The sky was somewhat eggshell blue, and the clouds a fluffy white in comparison (wow, my writing sucks tonight!). Driving west, this picture in my view, I was tempted to stop and get out and capture it on film. But, as usual, I didn't. I've been kind of lax lately with my camera, hardly taking it out and abusing it, as was my habit this time last year. I need inspiration (I know, I know, and after I posted about what inspires me, too) that sticks, and prompts me to think 'oh yeah, camera' as I do my routine double-check of things I need before I head off to work.

Maybe a new place and a new environment will strike the right chord.