chinese bus - green ants! One of the things I missed most about home while we were in china was the clean air, the clean streets, not breathing in dirt, and distinct *lack* of pollution we have here compared to the industrial cities you visit there. When we arrived in Shanghai, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. And we didn't see a cloud until we were once again on a plane, high above the cities and their coal/industrial smog clouds, and not again for a week after that...once we hit hong kong.

It's environment week here in Canada. And ironically, it comes not too long after the new conservative Canadian governement has axed most of the environmental programs. The one tonne challenge (you all remember the rick mercer ads, yes?)? Not conservative enough! It's gotta go - apparently to be replaced by a more "Canadian" solution. Um...a program developed by canadians for canadians isn't canadian enough? Uh oh. Which means that our "environmental programs" now have the potential to look like this garabage can from the streets of Beijing:

While our crafty canadian climate change team tries to think of something, might want to busy yourself with checking out Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, a "documentary" about Climate Change, and why we should care about it, which opens at the Bytowne this weekend.