\ of course you guys have already figured out that I'm back. I think I'm just starting to figure it out too.

Going away to another country and a completely different culture for a long time is *hard*. It's delightful to be there and our trip was incredible. But coming back is weird. You're not used to clean air, or people being polite. You have to learn how to be a pedestrian again, not to mention figuring out how roads work here. Being able to order off a menu without having to use handsigns and lots of pointing is amazing. Not getting pushed around is so foreign you start to get upset that people are being nice.

China was, in many ways, a completely different world. But in other ways, it was comfortable and easy to figure it out.

I'm going to be posting some of my china stories and photos over the next few days - stay tuned. But in the meantime, I'm busy again - it took all of 30 seconds after getting off of the plane, I think.

This weekend we went to a wedding, I stressed about product packaging, had nightmares about production for ladyfest which is in less than two weeks (can you say ACK??) and the arrival of some new stuff that I'll be working on for that show. We played with kitties, briefly toured art in the park, and drooled over dairy products (there is no cheese in china and I have to say we missed it terribly).