half of my kitten photos are the red dot kind

cat nap otherwise (like here)...they sit still! no need to autofocus while your kittens are so delightfully asleep.

some not-so-news:

  • I have one week left before I'm outta here. I am China (and Vegas) bound.
  • i (heart) music brought me sad news this week - Organized Sound is shutting it's doors on April 30th. I know it's a dose of too little too late, but they're slashing all of their prices as of tomorrow. It would be nice if all of you would pay them a visit, pick up an album or two, and tell them they'll be missed. I'm *really* sad Ottawa's going to lose such a great indie shop.
  • The lilybug shop will be temporarily closed for 5 weeks as of this Friday. Just a heads up!
  • Have you been to China? I love suggestions from things that aren't tour guidebooks - leave me a comment!
  • Kitties! Adopted! Together! They leave us on Tuesday.