passports? check.

china In just over 40 days we board a plane for China, for a lovely long holiday.

I don't think I have ever craved a holiday quite as much as this one. I want, I want, I want.

China is one of the last places I ever imagined I would travel to. It's always seemed so unlikely, so different, so (expensively!) out of my grasp. I mean, it was there on the list, but not until way towards the bottom. But these days, the more I read about it, the more photographs I see, the more I think that it's been overlooked in my "short-list of places I want to travel to ASAP".

In December, I was ultra keen - stocking up on China tour guides, researching obsessively on the internet. Now? I'm fairly well resigned to letting things fall where they may. It's kind of a refreshing approach, though I will admit I've been thumbing through these books again lately, now that we've got destinations in mind.

In between all of the bureaucratic-ness of passports, visas, budgeting, and trying to figure out how to carry on the most basic of basic mandarin conversations, the only thing that's really stuck in my mind is that this is going to be an incredible adventure. It really really is.