things on random

I am loving twenty2 fabrics but I am NOT loving their price points. Beutiful fabrics I would love to use for some of my projects, but not even near realistic (unless my customers suddenly become the "second house in the hamptons, summer cottage in paris" sort. $135 a yard? Give me a break - unless it is handpainted in Thailand with organic dyes and kitten whisker's fabric....not gemstones.

On a more "hey - things I can actually afford!" front, I am loving kitty-craft's fabric selection. Lots of Lecein and japanese prints. Squirrels! Butterflies! And I just ordered my first ever batch of fabrics from reprodepot!. I can't *wait* until they get here.

Other than looking at fabric these days, I'm working on a mountain of quilts (sneak peek at one of them, above). My sewing machine and I are fused at the hip.

This is completely unrelated to craftyness: There is something profoundly irritating to me in the phrase "what price blah" as in "what price democracy in south east asia as..". There is something in my head that is always asking "where is the rest of that sentence?? Don't you know how ridiculous and un-conversational that sounds?" GAH english usage. Even if it is "proper" I still hate it.

We have no kittens. This saddens me greatly.

OH!! AND AND AND....before I forget.....we're in the last 15 days of the Happily Handmade Giveaway for Winter 2006! There won't be another giveaway until the fall (I think), so now's your chance to sign up to win a huuuuge gift basket from some really cool crafty folks. Enter Here