it almost felt like not-winter today!

icicles A linky list and a few things I am loving lately:

  • The hysterical snark and sarcasm over at Threadbared - because where else can you get commentary like that *and* vintage patterns?? This will make my day for weeks to come.
  • Amusingly terrible Chinese/English translations at Some of them are so bad you can't help but laugh. and laugh and laugh and laugh. Plus it's been great to follow his experiences in China.
  • Jason Gaylor's Photoshop Brushes are dreamy. I'd seen some of his sets before, but rediscovered them on dooce tonight.
  • Baby eggplants! (via andrea)
  • Weeds - a TV series about a suburban pot-dealing mom. Totally funny. And the theme song is catchy!
  • Not Martha has a great tutorial up on flickr for a draft stopper - it's just perfect for the doors in my slightly slanty apartment!
  • Fred Flare is running yet another "next big thing" contest this year. Costs $5 for potential fame....are you up for it?

Also...this whole kitten story makes me so very sad. And a little bit angry. I can't bring myself to look at all of the photos.