dear air canada,

did you know it's not cool to change only one person's itinerary when three people are travelling?

huh. thought not.

love, robyn

dear winter,

thanks for coming back, yo. I was worried that summer was going to be a billion degrees warmer if you kept up all that +6 in February crap. And last year was hot enough.

Though if you're taking suggestions, I could have done without the mini-everything-turns-to-ice fest last week. But hey, one out of two isn't so bad.

brr. -robyn

dear mr. bus driver,

for the record, that new-ish yield law? That doesn't mean that when you discover you're in the wrong lane that you can cut me off. It just means we're supposed to stop for you if you want to get back into traffic.

So that part this morning where I gave you the finger because you forced me into a choice between driving into oncoming traffic and getting run over by a bus? Yeah, I really meant that.

no really, i meant it.

xo -robyn

dear rogers cable,

it has come to my attention that no matter how often you send me junk mail about cable, i am still not going to get a tv. And if I did, I reaaaaaaallllly wouldn't get your "personal tv" package so that I could listen to the rogers cable jazz channel. As if.

But I think the people downstairs heart tv. Why don't you try them?

Save the trees! -robyn