what the snowman learned about love

First off, BRR. Outdoor concerts in February should be approached with a heavy dose of insanity, and a large nalgene bottle full of wine. Oh, and hats. People at outdoor shows who aren't wearing hats, mittens, or even a coat (that dude was insane!) are idiots. End of story. Or so it was last night at the Stars show on the canal. With the temperature closing in on a balmy -25C, we all felt a little bit like this tree looked - blue:

It was a great show, though. The band, and the audience were decked out in full winter gear. There was a lot of back and forth (mostly me!) about wanting to go to this show because it was so.freaking.cold, but logic prevailed, and we went anyway, and joined the surprisingly large crowd jumping along with every song.

In summary, brr. But totally worth it.