oh starry night

Oh how I long for clear summer skies again (though this is from the museum of science and tech)...

A few things to catch you up on:

  1. I've been listing stuff I've made on etsy and it's been fun. Though I have to confess that I'm really just addicted to using their browsing tools (I want to buy something green!) to find stuff.
  2. I was in the Centretown News last week in an article on photoblogging. Of course, Lana was the main attraction, but I am good at coat-tails!
  3. New fabric is arriving by the armful. Yay armfuls!
  4. I have decided that it sounds cheaper to treat rabies than prevent it with shots. $700! Ouch.
  5. I have yet to go and skate - even though I live a scant three blocks from the canal. Sad? Maybe.

OH! And t he really important thing I meant to mention: Happily Handmade is back! The Winter '06 Giveaway is here, and ready for all of my readers/customers/visitors to go and sign up for. It's really easy (just enter your info) and then on March 31st...you might win some of these lovely things.

Go Here To Enter.