new goods, new store, new fabric stash!

So, feeling restless lately, I've been sewing, and sewing and sewing. There are mounds of not-quite finished, finished, and barely started projects heaped around my sewing machine, waiting for some love. Or some packaging. Or a combination of the two.

I've added a bunch of new guitar straps to the shop (which is now lovingly hosted at bigcartel - this is a total test....let me know if you love it/hate it/want to take it home).

More guitar straps, some new (!!) pillow covers, pillow cases, and wrist cuffs will be posted soon....just as soon as I wrestle that pile of fabric to the ground.

I've got miles and miles of new fabric coming in the mail (mod! retro! vintage!) and can't wait to get stuff up for sale.

Enjoy! Go visit >>>