of snowstorms and trumpets

Last night I finally figured out the best place to leave the mouse-on-stick I got for the kitties on the weekend....the front door. It's super sticky (yay suction cups!) and only annoying when the jingle-jingle of the bell wakes you up ten minutes before your alarm is set to go off. Hello....kitties? Ever heard of sleeping in?

Sunday night we went out to Wakefield to see The Ghost is Dancing and Shoot the Moon, courtesy of a guest list spot (and free albums!) from local ottawa blogger i (heart) music. The roads were awful on the ride up, which meant that the bands played to a pretty empty house....there were less than 30 of us, all told, band members included.

Both bands were good, and, as all bands should be, were better live than on their EPs. Don't get me wrong, though - EPs? Also good. Shoot the Moon's singer, Nadia Bashalani's luscious vocals are crisp and rich, and the band itself is entertaining. At one point (well, at a lot of points), the band had to have a group huddle to tune guitars, decide which song they were playing, or just keep us laughing.

The Ghost is Dancing has been referred to as the next Arcade Fire meets Broken Social Scene. They also reminded me a little of the Poets (especially in their 'how-many-people-can-we-get-on-stage' sort of way + string instruments and trumpets). Their music is catchy, in a way I find hard to explain. Maybe it's the trumpets. Or the accordions. I've been listening to the EP for the past day or so (5 tracks only gets you so far) and it's good - it's interesting, though - I feel as if the show was tighter, performance-wise, than the album.

Anyhow, on to other things:

  1. I am currently addicted to hanamomen japanese fabrics, marimekko, and arts and crafts from ebay.
  2. Albert (cat #1 of 3) has (hopefully) learned that cat food is not best acquired through growling at his kitty sisters.
  3. Sushi is also addictive. I want to eat nothing else these days. It's terrible! Ok, not so terrible. But maybe not so diverse.
  4. I am trying really really hard to plow through some hefty tour guides these days because we're going on a bit of a holiday (yay!), but I would appreciate them so much more if they were all made of pictures instead of words with strange characters that I am only willing to attempt to say when I am home alone, in the dark, when the cats cannot hear me. Spoken Chinese is hard! Do not get me started on symbols.
  5. On the subject of sushi, I am looking for a bento box. A cuuuute one. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy excellent bento boxes online, or in ottawa?