you say snowy, i say vote! vote! vote!

Today is election day for those of you who live in Canada. Vote and make sure your voice gets heard! See also: cross fingers for a good outcome. And toes. And other toes. And other fingers. Cross everything, really....we might need the extra luck!

Update: CBC says we "young people" are probably not going to vote because we didn't go to some never-before-heard-of "You deVote" (uhm...who came up with that name?) event at Babylon last night. ??? On top of it being a bunch of unmentioned bands, this "special" event started at 4 pm. Now, I like going to shows, but dudes.....4 pm? Give me a break. This has failed entirely to convince me that the candidates are "hip". We "youth" don't go to clubs at 4 pm. 4 am, maybe, but while the sun is still up? Not so much.

Update #2: At what point are we allowed to throw up? Conservatives lead? WHO FORGOT TO VOTE?