a tisket….a tasket….

  • Yay! Someone made a beer hunter for Ottawa. This is only good because I have started doing *everything* at the last minute.....like buying beer.
  • The Domestic Goddess' Ultimate Vegetarian Soup is ultimately yummy. I halved the chickpeas, tomatoes and skipped the wine, though.
  • Micheal Murray spent a month on Lavalife for Get Guerilla...how had I missed the hilarity of this until now?
  • This week I bought a vacation.....sorta.....kinda....mostly. Yay for plane tickets! Boo for expensive.
  • My apartment needs one of these: a pinball coffee table.
  • I don't own a TV but I would own one of these
  • Ben Kweller singing Lollipop! (from Stubbs the Zombie) is completely addictive.

Happy weekend!