of bicycles and piles of melted snow

This bicycle is going nowhere fast. But! A christmas tree. Still hanging on to the holidays...

This is about as fast as I expect to be moving tomorrow on my snazzy (rented) cross-country skis, out in the middle of the woods. I have *never* been cross country skiing. Thankfully, I fully intend to numb the pain of my mega-unskilledness with a little bit of rum. And picture-taking. And reading travel-epics....I mean.....travel guides.

In other boring news (don't you love it when I keep you updated on tedium?), I got a tetanus shot yesterday. Ouch! The next few months are going to be chock full of costly and weird shots (umm....japanese encephalitis anyone?)....I am not expecting this to be a fun experience in needle-land.

Have a lovely weekend!