out of focus, into the fold

These are quite possibly some of the worst photos ever taken (at least by me) at the aloha. It's a difficult place to get a shot unless you actually set up some sort of light source which I was (a) foolish enough not to bring and (b) silly enough not to even dream I would need until well after I was there and drinking guinness. And by then....I'm too lazy it's too late to go home, even though I am only a few blocks away.

More of a non-review than a review....I went (had to) see Into The Fold at the Aloha Wednesday night.

Things I realized while I was there:

  1. Mike could probably make a good baroque-era zombie with that voice. Night job?
  2. They are really good!
  3. I missed Guinness sooooo much.
  4. The Aloha has crappy lighting, but excellent kitsch.
  5. Brett reminds me a little of modest mouse when he is actually standing still in one place and singing. He also has a tendency to hide behind inanimate objects while in front of a crowd. I may have been the only one to notice either of these things.
  6. When you say 'baroque' in a bar full of music heads, it is funny how many people will not get the joke right away and think "broke? wha?". hee hee hee.
  7. It's really great to see these guys finally get up "on stage" after watching them write and play and write and play and try to be hardcore creative in the midst of their otherwise busy everyday lives for the last 8 months. It's extra cool to see talented musicians like the two of them mesh and build something collective (and catchy!).

Stay tuned for better photos of other things tomorrow. For the curious, the rest of the terrible set can be found in my flickr account.